A new connector that is ideal for internal connection of Thunderbolt (TM) 3! Simultaneously achieves both EMI control and high-speed transmission


Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; President: Hideki Konishi; 1st Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Code: 6640) has developed "CABLINE®-VS II," a new product from the micro coaxial connector CABLINE Series distributed through the connector-related business brand "I-PEX Connectors." The new product features enhanced EMI shielding properties and supports internal connection of ThunderboltTM 3 (20 Gbps/lane).


Name of the new product

"CABLINE®-VS II" board to micro coaxial line connector

Background to the development of the new product

With the demand for lower loss due to increased data transmission speeds and concerns over interference with antenna frequency bands inside IoT devices, there is a need for countermeasures against noise with regard to electronic parts mounted in devices.

To date, we have contributed to enhancing the performance of information communication devices through the development and distribution of the "CABLINE® Series" of micro coaxial connectors. Against this background, we have now successfully developed the micro coaxial connector "CABLINE®-VS II," which supports ThunderboltTM 3 (20 Gbps/lane), and in which we have implemented measures against noise by adopting a 360-degree EMI shield cover.

Overview of the new product


This is a micro coaxial connector in which a 360-degree EMI shield cover has been adopted as a solution offering both in-device noise control and support for high-speed transmission standards. Adoption of a 360-degree EMI shield cover reduces EMI, thereby enhancing design flexibility. Furthermore, there is no need to take additional measures such as attaching shield tape for noise control and installing additional shield covers.


  • A connector that supports high-speed data transmission and is ideal for Thunderbolt(TM) 3
  • Achieves both excellent EMI shielding properties and a low height with a maximum mating height of 1.2 mm, thanks to a 360-degree EMI shield cover
  • A CABLINE®-VS receptacle, which is the standard connector for a VESA standard 16:9 panel, can be mounted on the PCB foot pattern for CABLINE®-VS II
  • Ensures perfect mating that can be checked visually and a large mating retention force, by means of a mechanical lock.

CABLINE®-VS II product standards

Product name:
Mating type:
Horizontal mating type
Mating height:
1.2 mm max.
21.85mm(30 pins)
Supported cables:
  • Micro coaxial cable: 45Ω AWG #36 or smaller and 50Ω AWG #38 or smaller
  • Twincoax cable: AWG #40
  • Discrete cable: AWG #32 or smaller
Mating retention force:
10 N or more
Cable retention force:
14.70 N min.