A new connector that achieves high connection reliability and mating retention force through a design that secures a long effective mating length


Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; President: Hideki Konishi; 1st Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Code: 6640) has developed "NOVASTACK® 35-PH," a new product from the NOVASTACK® Series of board-to-board connectors distributed through the connector-related business brand "I-PEX Connectors." The new product achieves high connection reliability and mating retention force through a design that secures a long effective mating length by means of a mating height of 1.5 mm.


Name of the new product

"NOVASTACK® 35-PH" Board-to-Board (FPC) Connector

Background to the development of the new product

The downsizing of consumer devices is leading to a densification of internal boards. As a result of this, there is a need to minimize the board footprint. In order to achieve this, connectors are being required that have a pitch of 0.35, narrower that the conventional pitch of 0.4 mm. This is also being seen in the field of board-to-board connectors used inside devices. On the other hand, there is also a market for PCs and digital cameras and so on that require more than a certain mating height owing to restrictions, etc. due to other internal components.

To date, we have contributed to downsizing and densification of information communication devices through the development and distribution of the "NOVASTACK® Series" of board-to-board connectors. Amid circumstances such as these, we have successfully developed the board-to-board connector "NOVASTACK® 35-PH" for markets and devices that require a mating height of 1.5 mm. This product has a 0.35-mm pitch, for which there is a high level of market need. At the same time, through a dedicated design, it also provides both narrow pitch and high connection reliability, by achieving a long effective mating length with a mating height of 1.5 mm, which is the standard for 0.4-mm-pitch board-to-board connectors.

Overview of the new product


The product is a newly developed board-to-board connector with a 0.35-mm pitch and a mating height of 1.5 mm.
We created a dedicated design that has improved connection reliability by means of a sufficient mating depth and effective mating length, making use of the mating height of 1.5 mm.
In addition to retaining the strength of mounting on boards, it also has a metal hold-down that functions both as a power supply contact and as a guide for when mating.


  • Dedicated high-profile design (mating height of 1.5 mm) that achieves a high retention force using a distinct click action
  • Metal hold-down to support strength and prevent half-mating
  • Enough space on the bottom of the connector for PCB traces, and to enable visual confirmation of mating