A new connector that achieves a high level of robustness while having a small form with a depth of 1.7 mm


Dai-ichi Seiko Co., Ltd. (Head Office: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; President: Hideki Konishi; 1st Section, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Code: 6640) has developed "NOVASTACK® 35-PN," a new product from the NOVASTACK® Series of board-to-board connectors distributed through the connector-related business brand "I-PEX Connectors." The new product achieves a high level of robustness while having a small form with a depth of 1.7 mm.


Name of the new product

"NOVASTACK® 35-PN" Board-to-Board (FPC) Connector

Background to the development of the new product

The downsizing of mobile devices is leading to a densification of internal boards. As a result of this, there are demands for reduction of the board footprint. This is also being seen in the field of board-to-board connectors used inside devices. On the other hand, downsizing connectors makes mating work more difficult, and this in turn leads to problems such as breakage of connectors. Measures to deal with these problems are becoming an issue.

To date, we have contributed to downsizing and densification of information communication devices through the development and distribution of the "NOVASTACK® Series" of board-to-board connectors. Amid circumstances such as these, we have successfully developed the board-to-board connector "NOVASTACK® 35-PN" for mobile markets and devices. This product achieves a reduction in depth to 1.7 mm, and a high level of robustness.

Overview of the new product


This connector achieves downsizing to a depth of 1.7 mm in the field of 0.35-mm-pitch board-to-board (FPC) connectors. While having a small form, it possesses a robust metal guide structure, which prevents breakage when mating and facilitates smooth insertion. The hold-down can also be used as a 4A x 2 power supply pin.


  • Ultra-narrow footprint (D=1.7 mm), efficiently reducing board space
  • Robust design with metal guide supports smooth mating and increases physical strength
  • Metal hold-down can be used as a 4 A x 2 power pin